What is Livingcity?

Established in 2000, Livingcity Group has grown over the years to become a well-known and well-regarded name within the property asset management field.

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Livingcity Group

Check out the comprehensive range of services that our Group of Companies can offer, for a positive impact on your business.

Livingcity Asset Management Limited

Professional estate asset management. Comprehensive property and facilities management programme, individually tailored to each development.

Lc Building Consultants

Experienced Chartered Building Surveying practice. Adding value to clients' property interests by offering a range of bespoke services across the whole property sector.

Livingcity Works Limited

Employment of skilled maintenance service operatives. Provision of site management staff to significant schemes.

Stone's Throw Creative Solutions Limited

Creative developer services and solutions, including new development customer care, completions management and aftercare, for a variety of clients. Creation and management of the bespoke tenant web portals we provide to each of our developments, as well as other graphics and design offerings.


Stand-alone cleaning and maintenance company, offering a comprehensive range of services to both corporate and private clients.

Livingcity Vision Limited

Specialist development and investment consultancy. Multi-disciplined approach to creation and delivery of mixed-use development and regeneration projects.

Emeritus Homes Limited

Landlord and Manager of retirement living schemes across England and Wales, providing a full management, maintenance and staffing regime.

The Best Team Available

Get to know the people behind the Livingcity Group of Companies, starting with our Directors…

Mark T Gallimore
Group Managing Director

Paul Smith
Group Finance Director

Simone Donlon
Group Operations Director

Paul Atkins
Director, Livingcity Asset Management Ltd

David Arthan
Director, Emeritus Homes Ltd

Robert Barnes
Director, Lc Building Consultants

The Directors are aided by our team of skilled individuals from a variety of interesting backgrounds, who support each department in their own unique way.

Livingcity Portfolio

Our managed portfolio includes central and greater Manchester, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Cheshire, Sheffield, Nottingham, Cardiff, North Wales, Oxfordshire, Durham and Glasgow.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand a little more about what we can do.

I live in one of your buildings - is there someone specific I can contact?

Every building in our managed portfolio is assigned a dedicated management team, comprising an Estate Manager/Surveyor, an Estates Administrator and a Client Accounts Administrator, so you always have a named person to ask for, who knows your building inside and out.

The contact details for your specific team are located on your building’s web portal (the information posters on site will have the address for the portal) or on written communication you have been sent. If you still can’t find your team’s names, give our reception a call on 0161 274 1400 and they will direct you to the correct person.

I'm not happy with my current managing agent - how can I switch to Livingcity?

If your building has a Residents’ Management Company (RMC) with Directors who are leaseholders of apartments in the building, this means that people who live in or own at your building are in control of selecting the managing agent. If you are on the Board, you can put forward a suggestion of who you would like to run the building, so that at the end of the current agent’s contract, it will be re-tendered to the new prospective agents.

Our new business team would be delighted to speak with you about managing your block – call 0161 274 1400.

If you don’t have an RMC, this means that it is likely to be a direct contract between the landlord (owner) of the building and the managing agent. If your landlord is not willing to change agent, you have the right, as leaseholders of apartments in the building, to take over its management. This is called Right to Manage (RTM) and you can find more details on the LEASE website here.

We have assisted several of our now RMC clients to proceed with an RTM action, via their appointed solicitors, and we would be very pleased to speak with you should you require some advice.

Do you offer lettings?

At the moment, no, Livingcity does not provide a lettings service for apartments in the buildings we manage. We are appointed to manage the communal areas of the buildings, meaning the corridors, stairwells, external areas, landscaping, lighting, fire alarm, security system, lifts and so on.

How do I complain about my neighbour?

If you are experiencing noise or other nuisance from a nearby apartment, in the first instance you should contact your site team, if you have one. They will attend to the property at their earliest opportunity and can try to resolve the situation as it is occurring, or soon after.

If the site team do not manage to resolve it and the problem persists, or if you don’t have a site team at your building, then contact your dedicated team at our head office and we will address the matter with the resident in question.

Further to the steps we can take ourselves, if the situation gets worse, the council is able to step in and help. For this, it will be beneficial for you to keep a record or diary of the disturbances, to have at your disposal.

How do I know you're any good?

As a Group of Companies, we hold RICS and ARMA-Q accreditation, in addition to ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certification.

This means we are obliged to follow rigorous practices and regulations, and adhere to international-standard quality and health and safety management systems, on which we are audited regularly.

Our team combined has decades of experience in the surveying, legal, accountancy and asset management sectors, plus all the other skills we have picked up along the way.

More queries?

If you’re still not sure, just get in touch – we’ll always try to assist where we can.


We have a huge range of services to offer to developers, whether you’re a major institutional investor or a small company working on your first residential conversion.

What People Say About Livingcity

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs...

Regular On-site Visits

I'm happy to report that the building and service charge accounts are now in a much better state than as of two years ago. There are also regular on-site visits from Livingcity management to ensure things are running smoothly. My fellow directors and I, with support from Livingcity, are looking forward to making further improvements to the building and creating a better living experience for the residents.

Resident Director

Always Available

Livingcity are always available and all the staff are extremely helpful in resolving any issues. As a management company I would highly recommend Livingcity to manage a prestigious building such as ours.


Most Innovative

Thanks for sending this through. I love the leaseholder survey you have done. You’re going to think I’m exaggerating but you guys really are the most innovative firm I work with and you don’t seem to shy away from speaking to leaseholders (which I must admit is quite unusual for some managing agents). You should be really proud of your team.


Extremely Efficient

Under Livingcity's jurisdiction, our Service Charge collection has been extremely efficient with almost no overdue balances now so that we are in a very healthy financial position. All statuary requirements are dealt with on our behalf and the Service Charge budget is carefully monitored, with the Director's approval being sought on any unusual expenditure.

Resident Director

A Great Deal of Improvements

Since Livingcity has taken over the running of my building I have seen a great deal of improvements. We are all delighted that at last the service charge is going downwards after paying ridiculous prices and therefore reducing the value of our apartments. We are hoping to get the costs down even further.


Impressive Level of Commitment

Once Livingcity had taken over, we immediately started to see positive changes. We were impressed with the level of commitment that was put into resolving many of the on-going issues.

Resident Director

Far Superior in Every Way

The last 18 months or so have been so much better under Livingcity’s management than the previous eight years from the previous managing agent. Every contact I have had with your staff has been far superior in every way and it is good to see the building finally improving rather than continuing a downward decline.


Got a bit of a curveball to throw our way? Try us. We've taken on projects in the past for clients who didn't know who else to turn to and didn't realise we'd be able to help. We're a niche practice with a whole array of skillsets, so you never know - maybe your unique query is something we'll have a solution for.

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Livingcity Group Head Office
Livingcity Centre
10 Durling Street
Ardwick Green
M12 6FS

Tel: +44 (0)161 274 1400
Fax: +44 (0)161 275 9247
Email: info@livingcity.co.uk

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