What People Say About Livingcity

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs...

Regular On-site Visits

I'm happy to report that the building and service charge accounts are now in a much better state than as of two years ago. There are also regular on-site visits from Livingcity management to ensure things are running smoothly. My fellow directors and I, with support from Livingcity, are looking forward to making further improvements to the building and creating a better living experience for the residents.

Resident Director

Always Available

Livingcity are always available and all the staff are extremely helpful in resolving any issues. As a management company I would highly recommend Livingcity to manage a prestigious building such as ours.


Most Innovative

Thanks for sending this through. I love the leaseholder survey you have done. You’re going to think I’m exaggerating but you guys really are the most innovative firm I work with and you don’t seem to shy away from speaking to leaseholders (which I must admit is quite unusual for some managing agents). You should be really proud of your team.


Extremely Efficient

Under Livingcity's jurisdiction, our Service Charge collection has been extremely efficient with almost no overdue balances now so that we are in a very healthy financial position. All statuary requirements are dealt with on our behalf and the Service Charge budget is carefully monitored, with the Director's approval being sought on any unusual expenditure.

Resident Director

A Great Deal of Improvements

Since Livingcity has taken over the running of my building I have seen a great deal of improvements. We are all delighted that at last the service charge is going downwards after paying ridiculous prices and therefore reducing the value of our apartments. We are hoping to get the costs down even further.


Impressive Level of Commitment

Once Livingcity had taken over, we immediately started to see positive changes. We were impressed with the level of commitment that was put into resolving many of the on-going issues.

Resident Director

Far Superior in Every Way

The last 18 months or so have been so much better under Livingcity’s management than the previous eight years from the previous managing agent. Every contact I have had with your staff has been far superior in every way and it is good to see the building finally improving rather than continuing a downward decline.