More About Us

Established in 2000, the Livingcity Group of Companies has grown over the years to become a well-known and well-regarded name within the property asset management field.

We are passionate about creating and maintaining sustainable urban communities, something we can evidence across Manchester – a significant number of the city centre’s high-profile blocks run on adaptations of our original strategies.

We provide a comprehensive range of core services for residential, mixed-use and commercial buildings. We believe that we have a focussed approach because of the emphasis we place on understanding our clients, whether resident, developer or freeholder.

Our team works tirelessly to understand the needs and aspirations for each individual development under our management. Thanks to our extensive experience and full complement of skill sets, we are able to take a proactive and innovative approach to managing often complex and challenging schemes, which ensures the most appropriate solution is delivered.

Key Principles & Aims

We like to think of ourselves as partners to both our clients and to the residents we work with and it shows through our open relationships and communication, as well as our results. The teams across all of our divisions are driven by a set of key principles and aims:

  • To never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach
  • To provide long-term stewardship for sustainable urban developments and other
  • To deliver the most effective service based on what is actually needed
  • To provide best practice by adhering to RICS and ARMA codes of practice
  • To be transparent
  • To lead consultation
  • To make life easier for the residents, clients and businesses we work with
  • To add value