A Trading Division of Livingcity.co.uk Limited

We are lucky enough to have a design team, Livingcity Solutions, operating in-house. The team is able to provide a wide variety of services, including graphic design, company brochures and bespoke tenant Homeowner Manuals, creation of logos and branding, coordination of printing and production and much more, for a diverse selection of clients both within and outside of the property industry.

Livingcity.co.uk Ltd began as the creator of the web portal concept, which provides user-friendly access to management services for the occupiers of mixed-use urban community schemes. The principle function of the web portal is to facilitate and enhance communication by investor and occupier with the scheme service management regime and to provide instant access to key building documents, an infobank and community-building forums.

Each building within our managed portfolio is provided with a dedicated, individual web portal bespoke to their community.

Contact the Livingcity Solutions team at solutions@livingcity.co.uk

NEW Dedicated Website Coming Soon!